El Sol y la Luna

The Sun and Moon

There was a time when the Sun and Moon lived together as a one. They played through the clouds and hid behind the lightning. They sang, they danced and they laughed together. A beautiful day, for some unknown reason, the Moon began to cry.

―What’s the matter? ―asked the worried Sun.

But the Moon did not dare to speak. For one, two … and even 365 days not a word passed between them. Suddenly the Sun whispered:

“My dear Moon, I do not want to see you cry. Tell me what you are thinking and let me help.”

The Moon finally explained:

“Beautiful Sun, I’m so unhappy. Your rays are so powerful that they blind my light, and I also would like to illuminate the Earth.”

The Sun sat on a heavy cloud, and began to spin and spin and spin. He was thinking. Suddenly, he exclaimed:

“I have it! Let’s share the sky.”

That was how the Sun and Moon drew a big line in the sky. Out came the great Sun ready to light the new day with its powerful rays, while the Moon put on her slippers and walked behind the mountains. Night came and the Moon greeted the Sun whilst stroking her beautiful hair. They no longer played together 24 hours a day, but they were both happy to help each other to light the Earth.

NOTE: We wrote this story at the request of some friends who did not know how to explain to their children that they were separating.

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