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Anish Kapoor (Zigzag)


He is small. Barely a metre and a half tall. He sits down next to me. He seems a bit dim. His feet just touch the ground. His chest is enormous. His shoulders, drooped. His wrists, gigantic. He stares at nothing, as though in a trance. Suddenly he wants to…

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Shōji Ueda

The story of the sea

He called her up and said: “I’m not going.” She had been thinking about it all week. What dress to wear, the feel of her stockings, red or pink nail polish, whether to laugh with a wide-open watermelon smile or rather stay quiet as a mouse. He just called up…

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Between Scylla and Charybdis

We are on our way to Greece. First we have to overcome a few dangers. We set off for Carloforte in southern Sardinia. It is a port with a familiar feel. Its biscuits similar to the “carquiñoles” we know and facades painted in pastel hues make us feel at home….

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On board and boarding

The oil tanker is being refuelled. It’s quite a long job. Its belly is empty and refuelling takes time. The men wait. There are three of them. One asks: “Can you take this one?” and points towards the dock opposite. We cross the gangplank. It sways. The guy looks downcast…

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