Donald Judd

The sounds of Hamburg

They are like snapping sounds and you can hear them everywhere. Without any warning. Like an umbrella suddenly blowing out, a flapping awning sheltering you or the sail of a boat luffing as it nears the shore. At first it surprises you. But you soon work it out: it is…

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Gleaming Lights of the Souls

Know thyself

Do you know of any journeys that are not internal ones? Your plane may take off, your ship sail or your train whistle its departure but sooner or later the same questions come up: Who am I? Who are you? Or one and the same: Who are we? In Copenhagen…

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Triptyque de la Tentation de Saint Antoine, Bosch

Anima(l) ins(tin)cts, anima(ted) ins(e)cts

“An enigma.” “Incomprehensible.” “Illuminating knowledge with mystery.” These are some of the phrases that caught my eye as I leafed through the writings of René Magritte. Piles of books are spread around the book shop, some highly decorated. I decide upon ‘Les Mots et les Images’ (Brussels: Espace Nord, 2012),…

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