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Jorge Represa

When you turn the page, close your eyes tightly

NOTE: Prologue of the book ‘1Day 1Photo’ (Triangle Editorial). When you turn the page, close your eyes tightly. There you will see Zulma, Uruguayan, 70 years old, displaying a poster in front of her chest: “Looking for work.” There you will see a rock, upright, pierced by the force of…

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Lygia Pape Divisor

Two minutes for Hemingway

“Two minutes and that’s it”, says the man, jumping down from the tractor. “So little time for Hemingway?”, I sigh inwardly. We get in the car: three adults and three children. Who’s going to stop us out on these roads? We take the gravel path and turning the corner we…

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Donald Judd

The sounds of Hamburg

They are like snapping sounds and you can hear them everywhere. Without any warning. Like an umbrella suddenly blowing out, a flapping awning sheltering you or the sail of a boat luffing as it nears the shore. At first it surprises you. But you soon work it out: it is…

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‘Nefandus’ Carlos Motta

Unspeakable sin

Sodomy: an unspeakable sin. This is what the Spanish Royal Academy Dictionary preaches. A source or a river? The appointment is in a hotel room. Number 26. Murmurings can be heard in various languages: French, English, Portuguese, German and Chinese. There are chairs and two beds, one on each side…

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Anish Kapoor (Zigzag)


He is small. Barely a metre and a half tall. He sits down next to me. He seems a bit dim. His feet just touch the ground. His chest is enormous. His shoulders, drooped. His wrists, gigantic. He stares at nothing, as though in a trance. Suddenly he wants to…

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Shōji Ueda

The story of the sea

He called her up and said: “I’m not going.” She had been thinking about it all week. What dress to wear, the feel of her stockings, red or pink nail polish, whether to laugh with a wide-open watermelon smile or rather stay quiet as a mouse. He just called up…

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Comiendo con Andy Warhol

Eating with Andy Warhol

Is it a monster or a container ship?  It must hold at least six thousand of those.  They are unloading some of them. With gigantic cranes resembling Louise Bourgeois spiders. They reach for container after container with their magnetic limbs and place them on the dock as though playing a…

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Between Scylla and Charybdis

We are on our way to Greece. First we have to overcome a few dangers. We set off for Carloforte in southern Sardinia. It is a port with a familiar feel. Its biscuits similar to the “carquiñoles” we know and facades painted in pastel hues make us feel at home….

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Escher: Sky and Water

Do you speak “Chabacano”?

“I’m eat already”, the guy says. “You’ve eaten already?”, I say to myself. I look at him, intrigued. “I’m eat already”, he repeats. He looks down. I look from plate to plate. All the sailors are eating fish and rice. Except for him; he has no bowl. His part of…

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On board and boarding

The oil tanker is being refuelled. It’s quite a long job. Its belly is empty and refuelling takes time. The men wait. There are three of them. One asks: “Can you take this one?” and points towards the dock opposite. We cross the gangplank. It sways. The guy looks downcast…

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